Fleet Commander.

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About the software.

Fleet Commander by Key Software Systems, provides a stand-alone, real-time Fleet Management software solution proven to save money and time with enhanced visibility of fleet assets, improved driver safety and reduced maintenance and fuel costs. Positioned as an all-in-one provider, Fleet Commander’s GPS tracking software brings together data along with the hardware in a discreet plug and play device designed to work on all vehicles and software that’s compatible on any operating system, smartphone or tablet.

Comprised of a suite of state of the art fleet asset reporting tools, Fleet Commander provides detailed intelligence on activity of your fleet assets in real-time. You can leverage Fleet Commander’s actionable data reporting to improve efficiency of deliveries, reduce fuel costs, lower vehicle maintenance costs, determine the status of any asset (vehicles, people, products), report on hours of service (HOS) and DVIR and much more.

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Does Fleet Tracking Impact Insurance Costs?

Providing cost saving benefits to fleet companies by preventing a driver’s hazardous behavior and reducing fuel and maintenance costs has made fleet tracking software gain popularity in no time, where insurance companies are not behind to make their contributions to the benefits. Automotive Digest published that insurance companies are offering up to a 15% insurance […]


Hear what our users have to say.

Fleet Commander is our preferred fleet tracking system. Fleet Commander stands out as a superior product. The information that we receive has helped our company cut fuel costs while monitoring the idle time on our vehicles. The safety notifications and reports have also “added value” safety program. We are convinced that our drivers operate our vehicles safer with the units in the trucks. The information has created productive dialogue between our management staff and drivers while operating a safer fleet.

Chris Jenkins- On Time Delivery Inc.