Does Fleet Tracking Impact Insurance Costs?

Providing cost saving benefits to fleet companies by preventing a driver’s hazardous behavior and reducing fuel and maintenance costs has made fleet tracking software gain popularity in no time, where insurance companies are not behind to make their contributions to the benefits. Automotive Digest published that insurance companies are offering up to a 15% insurance […]

Impact of Fleet Tracking on Your Bottom Line

With the perceived notion of high installation costs or potential driver resistance, there have been several barriers to the adoption of fleet tracking systems that are slowly being accepted in the quest for data-driven business decisions. Companies are beginning to realize the importance of such systems in attaining operational excellence and reducing overheads. In fact, […]

A Breakdown of Hours of Service Regulations – INFOGRAPHIC

Hours of Service, or HOS, are the times in which a driver of a commercial motor vehicle, or CMV, may drive to fulfill the job issued by their employer. The Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration has created regulations on the duration of each run and subsequent off time before the next run. This is to […]

4 Features a Fleet Tracking Solution Should Have

How do you reduce insurance cost and minimize operating expenses for your business? How do you to locate a vehicle in your fleet at any given time? How do you improve fleet and driver safety, while reducing maintenance and fuel costs? These are some of the many questions common of all fleet companies. Good fleet […]

Ten Fleet Management Terms and Definitions You Need to Know

If you want to work in the fleet management field, you have to understand the lingo. It can get to be so complicated that some fleet management companies offer special mini dictionaries for customers and clients. Out of all of them, the following ten terms are considered to be the most important: Geofence A geofence […]

4 Ways to Ensure Fleet Driver Safety

Whenever a truck accident occurs, you can be sure of injuries, lengthy traffic jams and, at times, even fatalities. It is commonly assumed that it is the fault of the truck operator, due to the sheer size of their vehicle. However, a contrary truth published by says that the large trucks are involved in […]

How Vehicle Fleet Tracking Software Simplifies the Dispatching Process

Attempting to effectively manage even a small fleet of vehicles can be all but impossible for those who lack the right resources. Digital fleet management solutions that may be used to automate many aspects of the dispatch process can make a huge difference for businesses seeking to enhance performance and efficiency while minimizing fuel and […]