Fleet Commander FAQs

What is telematics?

Telematics is the combination of the words Telecommunications and Informatics. It is the technology of sending, receiving and storing information relating to remote objects, such as vehicles, by way of telecommunication devices. Vehicle telematics can help improve driver safety and reduce maintenance and fuel costs.

How does the GPS tracking work?

Fleet Commanders GPS tracking solution features a software and a hardware component. The hardware is discreetly installed in the vehicle to be tracked. The software displays the data that is collected by the hardware; location, movements, status and behavior.

What cost-savings does Fleet Commander provide?

Using our fleet management solution savings include, but are not limited to; fuel, maintenance, overtime, administrative and operational cost reductions.

Why should I invest in Fleet Commander?

Our telematics software provides a real-time solution designed to enhance visibility of fleet assets, improve driver safety and reduce maintenance and fuel costs – saving you money! Request a DEMO to learn more about how Fleet Commander can help you.

Will I receive free updates?

Yes, we can remotely install the latest version of Fleet Commander to the devices as it comes available. You will be notified via email of all updates.

Do I have to pay for training?

Complimentary telephone training is offered. There is a fee for on-site training.

Can I view my vehicles on any device or operating system?

Yes, our fleet management software provides you with alerts, maps and reports that can be viewed across all browsers and devices.

Does your fleet tracking software run in real-time?

Yes, our telematics solution is transmitted in real-time, giving the precise location of all vehicles.

Does Fleet Commander offer Log Books, E-logs or Hours of Service (HOS) capabilities?

Yes, running logs can be maintained by using a mobile device to capture HOS and DVIR (driver vehicle inspection report). DVIR reports are pre and post shift and sent directly to supervisors and mechanics.

Can I easily switch the devices between vehicles?

Yes, as long as the two vehicles have the same interface, we can reassign profiles.

What happens when my vehicles are out of cellular reach?

Fleet Commander needs cellular service to collect the vehicle status and logs. If the vehicle is out of cellular reach, once it returns Fleet Commander will begin reporting again.

If I need technical support, is it easy to reach someone?

Yes, Fleet Commander always offers 24/7 technical support. We can be reached via phone at 732-409-6068 or email, support@fleetcommander.com Call us today for your FREE demo or click here.

I’m interested in Fleet Commander and would like more information.

For more information on our fleet management software please call 732-409-6068 to speak to a sales representative and request a free demo or go to www.fleetcommander.com and request a free demo online.

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Hear what our users have to say.

Fleet Commander is our preferred fleet tracking system. Fleet Commander stands out as a superior product. The information that we receive has helped our company cut fuel costs while monitoring the idle time on our vehicles. The safety notifications and reports have also “added value” safety program. We are convinced that our drivers operate our vehicles safer with the units in the trucks. The information has created productive dialogue between our management staff and drivers while operating a safer fleet.

Chris Jenkins- On Time Delivery Inc.