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Dramatically increase fleet safety, drive efficiency, and more with our fleet management software.

Fleet Commander Reporting


View activity live or historically. Fleet Commander has the capabilities of reporting driver behavior, vehicle health, maintenance, and asset management. Some fleet asset reporting capabilities include miles traveled, fuel economy, speed limit violations, harsh driving, idle time trends, diagnostic trouble codes and RPM and geo-fence violations. These at a glance reports, in the form of graphs and charts, will be displayed on your dashboard upon log in and can be easily exported and printed.

Fleet Asset Reporting
Device Assignment Profiles

Device Assignment Profiles

This feature will make sure that correct device is plugged into the assigned vehicle. Customizable to each device/asset.

Device Assignment Feature
Fleet Asset GPS Tracking

GPS Tracking

Transmitted in real-time, this GPS tracking software gives precise location of the vehicle with asset details, coordinates, speed heading, minutes since last GPS report and driver information. Asset map icons will quickly identify vehicle types and visually display the direction that they are currently heading.

Fleet Asset GPS Tracking Software
Fleet Asset Geo Fencing


Fleet Commander allows you to set pre-defined boundaries/zones; real-time alerts will be sent if there is a zone violation.

Fleet Asset Monitoring Geo-Fencing
Driver Performance Alerts

Driver Performance

Real-time alerts on the map and emailed for RPM, idle time, harsh braking, rapid acceleration, park time, speed violations and GEO fencing. Alerts can be received via email and/or text message.

Real Time Driver Performance Alerts
Fleet Diagnostic Alerts

Diagnostic Alerts

Perform effective maintenance with our fleet tracking software. Trouble code alerts (engine trouble, emissions etc.) when a check engine light is shown.

Fleet Tracking Diagnostic Alerts
DOT/FMCSA Compliance

DOT/FMCSA Compliance

Real-time running logs can be maintained by using ELDs (Electronic Logging Device) to capture HOS (Hours Of Service) and DVIR (Driver Vehicle Inspection Report). DVIR reports are pre and post shift and sent directly to supervisors and mechanics. Click here for more information on the mandatory use of these devices from the FMCSA (Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration).

Fleet Commander is DOT/FMCSA Compliant

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Fleet Commander is our preferred fleet tracking system. Fleet Commander stands out as a superior product. The information that we receive has helped our company cut fuel costs while monitoring the idle time on our vehicles. The safety notifications and reports have also “added value” safety program. We are convinced that our drivers operate our vehicles safer with the units in the trucks. The information has created productive dialogue between our management staff and drivers while operating a safer fleet.

Chris Jenkins- On Time Delivery Inc.